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Friday, March 8, 2013

Holy Moley.

I've been SO terrible about keeping our blog updated. With the holiday's, sickness, and a very active baby, things have been a little crazy!

We haven't had a ton of new things happen as a family, but Mr. Tyson has been learning so many things, and it's been surreal. It boggles my mind that in a measly month, we'll be celebrating his 1st birthday. Absolutely crazy. It does not feel like a year, but at the same time it feels like Tyson has been apart of our family forever. Which, technically, he has been. ;)

He started off the new year with a bang by learning how to crawl. I literally thought the day would never come. He always hated tummy time, so I thought he would walk before he crawled. But one morning he woke up and decided it was the day! Just a few days later, he learned to pull himself up on things, and soon after that, he figured out he could walk along things.

Then things got crazy.

Yes, he did indeed put that bucket on his head by himself.

He causes a little bit of havoc, but I can't help but smile. He's so adventurous and curious and I love that about him. It drives me a little crazy when we're at the store and he's pulling everything off the rack that he can get his little chubby hands on, but I still love it!

His newest accomplishment is he started WALKING!!! He's been balancing on his own for a few months now, but he never quite had the courage to take a few steps. But tonight, he got the courage, and he absolutely LOVES walking. It's more like a brisk walk/ run, but he's doing quite well for officially walking the first time! Not gonna lie, I teared up a little bit. Reality set in that he's not my newborn anymore. As I've mentioned, I'm going to be a wreck on his first day of Kindergarten. Ugh. I don't even want to think about it. Haha!

Tyson also now has 8 very sharp teeth, with a ninth on the way!

In other news, I've recently become a BzzAgent. What that is, is you sign up for a free account, do a couple of surveys, and based on your surveys, they send you new products to try, then you spread the word on what you liked, disliked, etc. so I'll most likely be doing some updates on products that I receive on my blog! I got a FULL sized shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatment *for free* to try today, and I'm quite excited. :)

I'll hopefully be better in the future on keeping this bad boy updated. I hope everyone is having a fantastic new year so far!